Simple French Cooking

Version anglaise de "La Cuisine de nos mères"

Discover the irresistible tastes and textures of authentic French cooking.

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Ten Très formidable French grandmothers share their passion for simple French cooking. Although these women have inspired some of the most renowned chefs of today, including Georges Blanc, their delicious recipes are ideal for the home cook. Simple French Cooking reveals their secrets, allowing you to create the true flavours of France in your own kitchen.

Short, but informative, biographies give a glimpse into the remarkable lives of these grandmothers, as well as introducing you to a variety of French regional cooking styles. The biographies are followed by a mouth-watering collection of 100 traditional recipes-all accompanied by atmosphere photographs that capture the essence and style of French cooking.


Nombre de page : 192 pages
Editeur : Cassell Illustrated
Langue : English
ISBN-10: 1841881910
ISBN-13: 978-1841881911

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